A Story about SEO – Two Sides of a Coin

A Story about SEO – Two Sides of a Coin

Mar 18
A Story about SEO – Two Sides of a Coin

Earlier this day I had a long discussion about a certain aspects of SEO and link building with a senior and more experienced SEO strategist. The discussion was quite fruitful but meaningless, theoretical to say, a discussion about a subject between two veterans pissing the breeze. It was about Page Rank and how it sucks and has no value, well that was my point, and his eventually.


You see my friend has the same opinions as I do, but all the time he presented the side of the clients in that discussion, so here lies the dilemma. It all started with a question, should we get a link from this site?


I looked the site over and it had average design, nothing special, content similar to one found in article directories, but it had PR5 and a low number of outbound links. There were two suspicious links according to my judgment but nothing alarming, I suggested that he goes for a content link instead of a site-wide link which lead to his question of why does Google give such sites PR5?

Two Sides of the Same Coin

By Mike Luckovich



My personal opinion is as follows. I don’t believe in Page Rank! This is the equivalent of not believing in God if I was a priest in the Vatican. PR is bullshit and Google knows it, but they made a big mistake with it and now they can’t get rid of it until they figure something better. All of those websites can have PR5 or PR6 for 3 years, but what is the point? They have less than 100 visits a day, so who actually needs that link, it passes link juice? Yeah right, I know it does, but aside from that bit of juice there is no worth in going for such a link, that site is dead. A link from a PR0 news site would be 100 times more powerful with driving traffic and influencing the rankings at the same time.


So who is to blame for this split, the two sides of the same coin that link builders and SEO’s have to deal with, and even more, they have to, we have to, explain to our, sometimes impossible, clients that they will be better off with a PR0 link. But they heard they need high PR links and that is what they will get, and that prolongs the inevitable. Well, who are we, SEO strategist, analysts and experienced link builders to discuss matters of SEO with certain clients, right?


It all comes down to Google once again. They talk about content this and content that but they do the opposite, they rank crappy sites with crappy links in front of sites with high quality content more. They are saying one thing and doing the other, the reality is that Google still doesn’t know how to control their algorithm. People ask all the time how to do this and that and how does the algorithm work, well the fact is that even Google and the people that created it can’t control it like they want to, which is why all the updates. They have created a beast but they haven’t trained it well, so we will have to wait.


But the biggest mistake that Google is making is again about the two sides of the coin, they preach one thing but do the opposite again, and we are of course talking about Google punishing spammers and black hat SEO techniques. Google is selectively punishing websites, they are punishing on two factors, the first one is to punish websites that don’t appeal to them and the other is to punish to make a point like we are children. That is not the way to create order, if all they do is tapping us on the fingers when we do something wrong, and only a few of us out of dozens that deserve it, we will never learn. What they need to do is stick to their own guidelines and enforce them like they should, that would teach people how to optimize their websites and what to do and what to avoid and there would be order. Good sites would rank, and crappy sites with crappy content would be buried in the SERP along with other crappy sites.


I know this sounds harsh, but that is my personal opinion and nothing more. The fact that there are thousands of SEO’s that agree with me doesn’t make me or them right. Maybe we are just angry because they make our job a living hell, and the moment we get used to that hell there comes one of those clients that make you wish the hell froze over. So a personal appeal to all the clients of all the SEO’s in the world. If you already have enough trust to pay someone to do SEO for you, than at least have enough trust and listen to what they have to say and don’t believe something you read or heard who knows where!


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