Google Comes up with New Updates While Ignoring Their Guidelines

Google Comes up with New Updates While Ignoring Their Guidelines

Apr 01

As an SEO Strategist my job is to keep updated on all the updates related to search engines and SEO. Not just the major ones like the recent Farmer update, but even the smaller ones. Why is that? Well, they may not influence the rankings or the way we get rankings significantly, but they may open up a new door for getting link opportunities or lower the same. So one of the new updates rolled yesterday was that Google went Digg on us!


Yup, that’s right; Google totally went Digg on us. From now on, everyone with a Google profile will be able to rate a website directly in the SERP with a + . In other words, you will be voting for your favorite websites. Google think that this will in fact make the search result even more relevant as the user will reward the relevant sites and maybe even devalue non-relevant ones, well in my opinion if it’s left to the user, the chaos follows…


Well, this is a dumb update as it is, the statement that they believe this will improve the results is even dumber, just hope that this is one of those updates you heard one time about and a few months later you wonder what happened to it, and I have a feeling that it is!


Now, I know Google is a big company, and still growing, but I simply can’t understand why they keep coming up with new rubbish like the above mentioned one, instead of really trying to improve their algorithm and make sure that all websites and website owners stick to their Google guidelines.


They created those guidelines so we should stick to “ethical” SEO or white hat SEO and get organic results the natural way (yeah right). But at the same time 9 out of 10 websites in the top of the SERP, small or big brands, are buying links and what bugs me the most is that they are doing it so obvious that it is fair to say that Google is not doing their job of policing the web and weeding out SPAM and SPAM links. Just take the recent Forbes example, I mean a brand that big can sell links directly from their website and Google goes around and around to see it after someone else reports them…?


And what about JC Penney? That is even worse, they have been buying links for the past few years and the result, they have dominated the SERP for every major keyword there is, like there is no competition. What happens, Google gives them a slap on the wrist, a few months later another and that is it. They continue with their own methods, while still dominating the SERP, until a news reporter creates a great buzz around the whole deal as we all know that they are buying massive amounts of links and then Google decides to act! C’mon, that’s just too obvious guys; can you give in some effort? Even more surprising is the JC Penney, as all they did is fire their SEO’s like they are to blame, JC knew what was going on, especially after two warnings from Google!


Google keeps doing their thing, they look through JC Penney’s fingers because last year they brought them $2 billion in advertising revenue (oh wait, that doesn’t influence Google at all!!!). So even though these are all assumptions, I simply can’t believe that Google fails to see such large and long period of link buying (with two warnings in between) from such a large company and still has time to play with stupid updates. Plain simple, they don’t give a damn because it suits them!


So what is the bottom line here? The bottom line is that Google is playing, big companies are enjoying their privileges and small companies are getting buried by the enormous budget their giant competitors have and small SEO’s are getting eaten alive as sacrifice as someone has to pay in the end, and that certainly isn’t Google or JC Penney!



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