My Work

I work as an SEO strategist. I formed Practical SEO in 2009 and started working for several clients I had from my work time as a freelancer. After a few months the work became to much for me to handle so we expanded and formed Practical SEO with my fiancée Mirjana who runs Kucne Carolije, my brother Zeljko who is a monster PHP/Phyton/Who-Knows-What-Else-by Now developer and also the smartest person I know and my best friend Nikola who is a web designer.


In late 2010 I joined Australian Based SEO Company, Dejan SEO which is a great step for me as the clients are enormous and I honestly am learning a lot there. The company is run by Dejan Petrovic who is an SEO genius and a few more SEO veterans like Jaaved, Simon, Martin, Milos and Alex.


A great part of my life now revolves around internet marketing and SEO, so a month ago Practical SEO officially started a sister SEO company specifically intended for Serbia and neighboring countries.


Our work in general occupies everything you need to build a site from scratch including apps and to promote it to the top and make a well known brand, which we did several times by now. Some of Practical SEO clients include MyPLT language site, Vip Consult and popular Parenting Teens website. As a part of Dejan SEO I have worked on some of the most known brands throughout Australia and worldwide like Flight Centre, Cruiseabout and Virgin Australia.


I strive to improve myself in everything I do in life, especially my work as an SEO strategist and link builder, so I welcome any challenges, if you have one for me you know how to contact me.

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