Social Media Tools for Your Websites and Blogs

Social Media Tools for Your Websites and Blogs

May 11

I use social media for work and pleasure, fun, for sharing, just like everyone else. Being an SEO Strategist on the other hand requires of me to know more about website optimization and social media than most people. Even so, what I know can fill a few books, but I’m not a tool junkie like most SEO’s. I rely on my brain to get me through, and I suggest that you do the same, but for some things we can only make it worst by not using certain tools. Social media tools are plenty, and most of them do the same thing as the other one, the reason why I use social media tools is to automate certain things and increase my productivity, save some time for fun if you know what I mean. All work and no play makes everyone a dull boy.


So I’m not going to give you a list of 20 social media tools to use, I will give you a short list of 3 social media tools I personally use, plus a little bonus.


HootSuite is the number one tool you should use to automate certain things for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, WordPress and Foursquare. You can check mentions, your home stream and you messages on twitter at the same time. It allows for customized browsing through your social network profiles and the best part is that you can have analytics for your social profiles. That will give you an insight into what works, who clicks, what to focus on and so on. A must have social media tool.


The next up is Klout. You just have to love Klout, I mean they are the best way not just to see how influential you are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but also to see how you are influencing and who influences you. Some stats are there as well, how much retweets, mentions, likes and so on. This is a great social media tool to let you know what parts you need to work on and how to engage. Klout is a very easy tool to find influential tweeters in your niche.


Topsy, I couldn’t live without Topsy. You can see who retweeted your tweets, what are the most popular tweets on certain topic, which is a great way to find great content and also great people to follow and engage. Basically, using social media to follow up news is the new search, in most cases we all see certain news on Twitter way before search engines get a hold of them.


And as a bonus I left KnowEm. Now this is not a social media tool, but it is a website that will allow you to reserve your brand name on hundreds of websites. The thing I like about it is that all of the websites are categorized, so you can find what you need and create profiles, engage users and even get some links going for you.


Remember to use your head, automate what you have to, not everything you can, certain dose of human monitoring is always needed.


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