Top SEO Experts in my Eyes

Top SEO Experts in my Eyes

Jul 29

Needles to say that this is a personal post reflecting my own opinion and the way I look at things and several influential people in the internet marketing industry. So if you have something to add please keep in mind that this is purely a rant based on a recent conversation I had with an SEO colleague of mine who I have great respect for.

OK, so who can be called an SEO expert without exaggerating or giving false titles, on the top of my mind we can name Rand Fishkin, Tom Critchlow and his brother Will, Michal Gray also known as Graywolf, Aaron Wall, Danny Sullivan, maybe even Eric Wards and Jim Boykin of the old school, and of course we have the right hand of God, I mean Google, Matt Cutts. Sorry if I missed a few, there are several people I have great respect for and consider to be new thought leaders in the SEO and internet marketing industries but are not known as these names. So how do I see these guys?

Well, let’s start with the old ones, Eric Wards and Jim Boykin. Eric Wards as a name is a legend, but to tell you the truth he is way outdated, he is old, his methods don’t work anymore, and to tell you the truth I don’t think he cares any more, I mean the guy is set for life, he has a great thing going and why would he hassle to stay on top of search engines like the young guys, the exact same thing can be said of Jim Boykin, also a legend, but I think he is now in Adgooroo and is just killing time.

Graywolf, I never knew what to think of Michael. I mean when I started out he was one of the greatest names I have heard of, along with Aaron and Danny, but every time I looked at his blog it was adsense this and adsense that. For a long time I thought that he was an affiliate pretending to be an SEO, but after a while a learned a lot about SEO and thought to give his posts and presentations another try, and I am glad I did. Michael Gray is one of the best there is, and for a long time, you can learn a lot from him about everything regarding internet marketing, not just SEO, but basically everything you need to have a successful online business, so I would definitely recommend him.

Aaron Wall, the darker side of SEO, another guy I could never put my finger on. I mean everyone has h heard about Aaron and SEO Book, but I never quite got a full appreciation for his work. At the same time, Aaron strikes me as a genius that just doesn’t run his mount every time he stumbles onto something new that can help the SEO community. So again, a must read, a guy that knows his stuff, but I could never figure him out completely (not that I claim that I have others figured, he is just more difficult to me to digest).

Danny, Danny, Danny, a legend, a pioneer, a pain in the ass for some and a role model for others. Not much to say about Danny, love to follow his side of the story, although I did think of him as a spammer at one point, not sure that he isn’t dough… Just kidding, I love 99% about Danny, one thing I don’t like is that he has been around the block for ages, and a guy like that can’t possibly be opened for suggestions at all times, so he has his opinions and he will let everyone know what he thinks, regardless of being right or wrong. Some may hate him for that, some may love him, I think that it is inappropriate as a great deal of SEO’s look up to him and hang to every word he says, so he is in a position to lead a great deal of people in the wrong direction. Subdomains anyone?

Which leads me to the man of the hour… Rand Fishkin, the loveable Rand of SEOmoz, you just got to love this guy. He is funny, he is great with people, love his videos, love most of his ideas, he is easily reachable, I mean, who doesn’t like Rand… ok, I get the point, the same reasons I like Rand is why some people don’t like him, but just look at his face and those yellow pumas, what’s not to like? Hehe, jokes on the side, although many people will argue that Rand isn’t an SEO because he doesn’t have clients, he doesn’t do “SEO” but comes up with research based on two links and some tweets and nothing long term… I beg the difference, anyone that has listened to rand speak knows that this guy is the real deal, a thought leader in the industry with a great deal of charisma, which is why some find him annoying. Personally, I love Rand, love his work, and I think if he took on a long term client that his competitors would curse that day.

Martin Missfeldt, 2009

Tom and Will, the new guys on the block that are rocking the cradle. I didn’t have a chance to hear Will speak, but from the buzz he gets and Distilled being what it, it is clear that Will is an SEO of great caliber, just looking at Tom and his ideas I feel more and more that these guys have more up their sleeve that we can imagine. Also, I love Tom because he reminds me of Rand, he will reply to your mails and help in any way possible even though there is not much in it for him.

So that’s basically it, unless you want to talk about the right hand of G.. Sure you want to talk about Matt, although some may hate him, most do, I feel that all those things are exaggerated, I mean the guy is just doing his job, and he is doing a great job I might add. Matt knows what is going on behind the scenes, he has an insight most of us will never get a chance to get a glimpse of, so he knows, he is not guessing, he is not speculating based on test, this guy knows most of it, so never underestimate Matt Cutts, or make fun of the guy, I wish I had 10% of his knowledge on search engines and search engine algorithms.

Sorry for leaving some great minds out and not sorry for skipping all you sorry ass spammers pretending to be SEO experts, you know who you are as you steal and spam your way to the first pages, but you know what, even if you spam your way there, you won’t be there for long…



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